The Ocean on Paper in June

At The Happening Gallery's "Naughty Baby" Reception

At The Happening Gallery's "Naughty Baby" Reception

At The Happening Gallery on June 26, I introduced my art along with fourteen other artists at the “Naughty Baby” reception. Our work will hang through July 17, and all of our bios and work samples are listed on the gallery’s website. Gallery owner Natalie Gray always chooses art that is uplifting and positive, which is about the only thing in common among this exciting, diverse group of artists, many of whom I got to know at the reception.

I have contributed six watercolor and india ink paintings to the show: three small ones from my new “Submerged” series, and three large ones from my “Entering the Ocean” series. In both bodies of work, I explore the deep sea as a metaphor for my spiritual experience. The ocean seems unknowable in its expansive depth even though it’s made of 97% pure water, the most familiar compound on earth. Being homogenous and essentially simple through and through, it mirrors my complex yet straightforward experience of God. ”Entering the Ocean I, VII, and II” are hung behind me in the photo above at The Happening Gallery and on the beautiful dark wood wall of the Elevate Lounge in the photo below at RAWartists‘ “Interactive”.

At both these events, I loved meeting new people and sharing my art with them. Consistently, people were telling me that my art felt “free,” “spontaneous,” “Eastern,” and “mysterious,” some of the exact words I intend when I create the work. I was delighted to hear these affirmations as well as learn what creative things my viewers were doing of their own.

RAWArtists "Interactive" Show, Los Angeles, CA. Paintings by Sarah Amanda Jones

Paintings by Sarah Amanda Jones at RAWartists' "Interactive" Show, Los Angeles, CA. June 9, 2011

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