Soft morning clouds stretch…

Painting + Haiku


Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor on Arches Paper. 24 x 18 inches, ©2012


Soft morning clouds stretch
to meet an old friend, the sea.
Sharing water, mist.


Dear Friend,

Lately I’ve been slowing down more while I paint, staying involved longer, bordering uncomfortably (but excitingly) close to the “overwork” line- a line I’m not too familiar with. My usual pattern is leaving after a few brushstrokes, letting the painting do its own thing undisturbed- but with this painting, I actually stayed and watched and played!

The filigree of the ocean line swam into the orange sky like a quickly shifting shadow. I blotted it with my wet paper towel. More than a few times. And then I repainted the orange, revisted the sea line, and on and on. I was fascinated by the simple gestures and habits of the watercolor, where it likes to go on wet cotton paper. And I asserted much more of a say in that matter than usual, building up layers and blotting all over the ocean. It was fun!

Wishing you out of your creative comfort zone and into the wild unknown this weekend!

Much love,

P.S. If you’re in Los Angeles, come to my art show on March 22nd! It’s called “The Ocean and Its Creatures,” held on World Water Day. 10% of all sales will be donated to charity: water… click here for all the details!

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