Swirling soft bunches…

Painting + Haiku


Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Pencil on Arches Paper, 24 x 18 inches. ©2012


Swirling soft bunches
of cloud dance in orange light.
Sky is vast, alive.


This morning I got to show this painting to a very lovely bunch of people. Dr. Paul Contino graciously invited me to share my paintings and haikus with his Eastern Great Books class at Pepperdine University in Malibu. My impression that Paul was a wonderful and genuine professor was made concrete when I saw how engaged and happy his students were.

Listening to them share their own paintings and haikus, an assignment to complement their study of Basho, I was very inspired. With ease, frankness, openness, and authenticity, they shared their delights, frustrations, discoveries, and creative choices. One of my favorite lines from an enthused student: “I just got so into mixing the colors… I mean, who knew that red and yellow make orange? Well, everybody! (laughs) But it was just so exciting!”

Dr. Contino noticed that as children, we would let ourselves get swept away in things like paints and colors, but sadly as adults we don’t really do that anymore. I suggested that it’s really the open wonder accompanying the color-mixing that makes it truly refreshing, and that we can bring that same wonder into all of our lives, letting it radiate outwards piece by piece.

May you experience that childlike wonder bubbling up from deep within you today- over something as simple as a tree, a hug, a breath.

With all my love,

P.S. If you’re in Los Angeles, come to my art show on Thursday, March 22nd! Find out all the details¬†here.

P.S.S. This painting was all about having fun with layers and dripping. The ocean feels like a cross-section to me as if I were in the water at eye-level with the surface.

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