A velvet pathway…

Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Graphite on Arches Paper, 10 x 8 inches. ©2012


A velvet pathway
of green saltwater awaits.
My heart pulls nearer.


This past week has been surreal. I have been learning so much. For one thing, after meeting Gay and Kathleen Hendricks last week, I flipped through one of Gay’s books on my shelf and read straight from page 100 to the end. I got so enraptured that I just kept going!

I love what he writes about the Happiness Threshold: you and I think we want to be truly happy, deeply joyful, down to our bones. But the truth is, it’s vulnerable and unknown to be so fulfilled, so happy!

When we start getting very happy as humans, we each have the habit of subconsciously making our life experience worse so we can be more ‘comfortable’. We either act out or withdraw in relationships, tell ourselves all manner of ugly things in our heads, get suddenly afraid, whatever.

We all have a Happiness Threshold, and as soon as we’re aware that we have it, we can raise it higher and higher and higher! This way, we can experience true joy without sabatoging it. This is my single personal-growth focus right now. We all know that to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves. To love others, we must love ourselves. So raising our Happiness Threshold does a whole world of good!

Read Conscious Living and The Big Leap to join me in this adventure. :)

About this painting and haiku: I’m embracing and expressing my mystic-self! Just being aware of the ocean in my heart brings me peace and transcendence. Try it! Get still for a moment. Imagine being part of the ocean. Literally imagine your inhale and exhale as waves of the ocean. Ahhh…

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