Rising and falling…

Painting + Haiku


Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor, Ink on Paper. 5 x 5 inches, ©2012


Rising and falling-
sea’s glass that’s always moving.
Waves turquoise, white mist.


Today has been lovely and misty in Venice. It always feels like the clouds have come down to touch us when the weather’s like this. Heaven coming down to earth. This painting celebrates that softness and quiet simplicity.

Wednesday night, I had the absolute pleasure of giving a talk and demonstrating my painting technique to the Burbank Art Association! We all had so much fun! I loved making them laugh and gathering them all around me to watch my painting process up close. I’ve found that I truly love speaking, so if you know of a group that would enjoy me- please connect me with them!

A fun highlight today was meeting Gay and Kathleen Hendricks in person at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica! I saw Kathleen sit down near me, and I had this warm feeling for her, like a long-lost friend that I couldn’t place. Then when I saw her husband sit across from her, I realized who they were! We had a nice chat, and I told them I’d be honored if they looked at my paintings. They are so sincere and peaceful and have helped so many people grow- check out their work here.


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