electrifying shades of turquoise & seeing vs assuming

Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Ink on Arches Paper, 5 x 5 inches. ©2012


Light electrifies
shades of turquoise. Waters dance
as clouds, as oceans.


So, I’m smitten.

With color! I learned in science class that color is reflected light, but not until recently have I started appreciating how much colors change depending on the quality of light.

The other day I was wearing a neon orange sweater- a bright, popping color all day. At night when I (and my sweater) were lit only by a dim lamp, looking down at my sleeve, I saw that there was nothing neon about it!

It was vaguely orange, but more grey or brown than anything. I had always thought of my sweater as neon orange in and of itself, but actually it’s a thousand shades of orange depending on the light!

The world of color is incredibly dynamic, so subtle and varied- and I’ve been missing it by assuming instead of seeing.

What other joys have I been missing in this way? Nature, food, people, myself? Life? Hmmm….

May we all see more clearly this week, relishing the dynamism and beauty of life from every light-bathed angle.

Love and light,

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