Swimming, I am lost / in the atmosphere, lost in / water. I am home.

Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Graphite on Arches Paper. 5 x 5 inches, ©2012


Swimming, I am lost
in the atmosphere, lost in
water. I am home.


You know I truly treasure my cloudy, rainy days. But as we move into late spring and early summer, I’m celebrating brightness and boldness- all the light and airiness of midday.

And my life right now too matches that bright energy and forward movement: moving homes, visiting family, and doing my coaching school pre-work all contribute to this.

My life love and I just moved into a charming 1920′s bungalow three blocks from the beach in Venice, California, and half a mile from his work. Let me tell you- with flowers dripping into our private patio, our cozy reading nook, bright lemongrass and turquoise on the walls…. it is a DREAM!

We moved on Monday, and now we’re in Alabama visiting family and enjoying all the lush green and full blooms around here! In Mother Nature and in our relationships.

Purposefully cultivating more appreciation and love in my heart every day means every time I visit the place I grew up and the people I grew up with… they are more beautiful, more wonderful, and more special to me.

On the plane ride here, I started reading Energy Leadership by Bruce Schneider as part of my iPEC Coaching pre-work. I’m telling you- read this book! The way he writes is jam-packed with truly life-changing information and is a very easy and entertaining read. Do yourself a favor and buy this book on Amazon now!

As for this painting, it was my third rework in a row, which has been really fun. I saw it in my drawer and immediately noticed how if I make the clouds more sweeping and the horizon line deeper blue, I could really bring it to life.

What’s been going on with you lately? Have you made exciting forward movement in your own life according to this season? I always love hearing from you.

Take care!

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