just there, just softly… hearing and healing.

Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 16 x 12 inches. ©2012


Just there, just softly
rests light behind rough mountains.
We are still. Quiet.


This week I encountered a full box of letters, prayers, and poems from my childhood and teenage years. I’d not seen these writings in at least eight years, and reading them felt heavy and at times overwhelming.

When part of me started to slip-slump back into the tight darkness of those times, the Great Mother in me came up to understand and love me to health.

To deeply hear my younger self, to show compassion for her, to hug her and say, “Sweetie, look at you! You’ve made it! You’re alright now, safe and taken care of. And I love you.”

It was a chance for me to be both the mother and the mothered within myself, gently loving myself into freedom and light.

At the next opportunity, may you find your own special quiet within yourself- that place where you can be both mother and mothered at once, hearing and healing.

Hearing and healing.


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