rich and gorgeous summer blues! + fun experiment

Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and CHALK PASTEL!!! on Arches Paper, 18 x 24 inches. ©2012


Richest blues wake up
all bright-eyed when the sun’s high…
wooed by warming light.


I’ve been driving by the ocean most days over the past couple weeks- going around 8:15am and coming around noon.

I LOVE the ocean in the early mornings. Covered in hazy mist, it’s so beautiful! Reflective and calm and hushed and gorgeous… I’m mesmerized every time. Every single time.

And the whole feeling of morning air around me feels so nice, fresh and peaceful. After three hours though, on my way home I’m usually hot and hungry, and my eyes resent the noon brightness and call it harsh.

Stopping and starting through summer noonday traffic, I long for the stillness of morning. But today was different.

The sun today made the water an AMAZING blue. SO amazing that it stunned me, filled me with reverence and joy, forever changing how I feel about the ocean- and everything for that matter!- at high noon.

When I got out my watercolors this afternoon to paint it for you, I reached for the chalk pastels too, which I’ve never mixed with watercolor before…

This was a surprise for me, but I could sense I was already in my flow, so I just went with it!

Though I’d never combined chalk pastels and watercolor, I suspected it could give me the richness and brightness I wanted. I was RIGHT! Whoo! It was really fun too.

You’ll be seeing more of my new dynamic duo in the weeks to come, I’m sure!

This weekend, may you and I both accept and experience the particular joys of ALL the times of day! :)


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