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Sarah Amanda Jones, Watercolor and Ink on Arches Paper, 8 x 10 inches. ©2012


Before me stand two.
Both are dear, sweet loves of mine,
the sea and the sky.

This painting is actually a crop of a larger one I made of Michael standing in front of the ocean. The waves were crazy that day, and I realized looking at the painting that they didn’t look quite right- too busy.

As it is with watercolor, I knew I couldn’t get the white paper back for a second chance. So I did the next best redemption technique: I cropped it. The original haiku title was the same as above, but I had “man” as the last word instead of “sky”.

When I went to rework the haiku for the cropped Michael-less version, I saw that there were still two loves of mine in this littler painting- the sea and the sky! So I kept it.

Another more recent love of mine is my juicer! I never thought of myself as someone who would / could juice- not ‘green’ enough, not intense enough, not health-nutty enough, not dreadlocksy enough… but let me tell you.

It’s so luxurious. Fresh juice in hand, I feel like the Queen of Sheba. Favorite combinations are…

- peach + green apple + mint
- cucumber + green apple
- carrot + celery + green apple + mint

Common themes in my juicer territory seem to be green apple and mint. Yum!

Highly, highly recommended machine. Worth every penny in the $150 spent. And people say, “Oh, but it’s such a pain to clean!” Not true. When I’m scrubbing away at my juicer, I’m practically singing to it, “Oh thank you, I love you!” because look what it just did for me-

It just gave me a glorious foaming glass of pure nectar!

Yeah, I think I can handle the scrubbing for that. Not to mention the boost of feel-good energy right after. Worlds away from a jittery caffeine high, drinking fresh juice is like waking up refreshed and really, really happy.

If you’d like to bring the happiness into your home and body, I recommend a Breville juicer like this one and a copy of The Juicing Bible.

Let me know how it goes!

Feeling juicy,

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