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Sarah Amanda Jones, “Late Haze”. Watercolor on Paper, 5 x 5 inches. ©2012

Thank you so much for your help this week in taking my survey on your deepest cravings. It was very exciting to see all your answers rolling in! Here are the results:

On a scale of 1-10, 9/10 = over 50% of the votes on ALL seven questions!

“Deeper oneness with God / Universe” came in first place as 76% of you voted 9/10. A “more vibrant and thriving creative practice” came in second at 63%, and “more meaningful time with loved ones” came in third at 61%.

This is hugely exciting for me because clearly you WANT these things, and I’m going to GIVE them to you. I can’t wait to unveil to you the packages and programs I’m now creating…

in-depth teachings, exercises, audios, etc, to help you experience a fuller, richer life in the ways you most desire…


For years, I longed so deeply for all these things that you want too, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t just experience them right then and there.

I spent my life feeling stuck until something gave…
In January 2009, I finally realized what had been holding me back:

intense anxiety.

I’d hardly ever noticed anxiety as a “thing” before, something in my experience that didn’t have to be there. But when a few events and people suggested I had anxiety all at once in the span of a couple weeks, it got my attention.

I started researching it, and when I saw the definition of Generalized Anxiety Disorder on Wikipedia, I felt like I had come home. I was finally seeing myself and my lifelong struggle all on one page! It was such a relief.

All my nebulous dread, violent nightmares, overwhelm, irritability, chronic fatigue, social nervousness, muscle tension, irrational worries (I could go on) were no longer whisps of unidentified experience. They were all there- fitting neatly into two little paragraphs!

All of a sudden, the problem seemed manageable.

Once I identified my anxiety as something I could move past, I started actively healing myself the best way I knew how.

While I’ve had many teachers to help me on my path, I can only imagine how much more quickly I would have healed if I had someone walking with me step by step who possessed the laser insight and experience I have today.

I’ve made tremendous progress over the years. People regularly tell me how peaceful they feel around me, how warm and relaxed I am. I feel it too! It’s still incredible to me that just a few years ago, I struggled so much.

I know in my heart that THIS is where I can make the biggest difference in the world: bringing people out of crippling anxiety and into relaxation, pleasure, renewed energy, deep joy and peace.

If anxiety could be holding you back from the life you deeply desire, I am 100% dedicated to helping you get relief so you can live unencumbered, free, and genuinely peaceful. I know that if it happened for me, it can happen for you too.

So that I can serve you in the best way possible, I need to understand your challenges and experience even better. Your feedback and opinions would be very valuable to me.

Would you be willing to spend 20 minutes on the phone to answer a few questions?

If yes, THANK you! Email me at to set up a time to talk. I so appreciate your help. Your phone call will enable me to return it to you ten fold very soon. :)

Much love,

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