Poured: Series Inspiration

Around AD 30, a woman named Mary was having dinner with her sister, brother, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There was wine, fresh bread, low candle lighting, the spices and flavors of Israel at that time, and all the sounds and smells of an intimate meal among friends in the evening. Tonight, the meal was in honor of Jesus who they all loved.

Mary's love for him was very great. For awhile now, she had sat at his feet, listened to his teachings, and seen the things he did for people, incredible and generous things he did with such grace.

And tonight, she wanted to give him something special. She brought to dinner a beautiful and expensive alabaster jar of perfume. 

It was made of pure nard, a luxurious oil imported from northern India, where spikenard plants flowered on the mountains before distilling into the oil she now held in her hands.

In an act of deep devotion, she broke the jar and poured the entire bottle of perfume over Jesus’s head and his feet, where she knelt weeping and wiping the oil and her tears with her long hair.

John, a very close friend and disciple of Jesus, wrote how as she did this,

"The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume."


This series is inspired by her kneeling at Jesus’s feet, lavishing him with this unexpected gift from her whole heart, which was broken open in worship to him.